Every Sunday, St Mary’s Church family gathers together for worship that equips and motivates us for our walk with Jesus and daily life in our homes, in our neighbourhood and in our workplaces.  Our Sunday service is at 10.30am and the format of the service varies week by week and at special times of the year such as Lent, Easter, Harvest, Advent and Christmas. Any of our services may also include special events such as the thanksgiving for the birth of a child or a baptism.

Each week we warmly welcome visitors and newcomers to the church. If you are new to St. Mary’s or wonder what to expect then click here. It is also a privilege and a joy to welcome children to all our services - click here to find out more about our provision for children and their involvement.

People have many reasons for wanting to come to church. Some have clear Christian beliefs, others are not really sure what they believe. Some are curious to know more about Jesus and his relevance to life today, others drifted away from church over the years and think that for whatever reason it might be time to come back home. Some are celebrating key moments in life such as the birth or baptism of a baby, or poignant times of grief after the loss of a loved one. Others just get dragged along by family or friends or are not even sure why they came at all!
Whatever the reason, you are most welcome!