For more than a century St Mary’s Church has been at the centre of family and community occasions for generations, be they moments of joy and celebration, or poignant moments of remembrance and grieving. It’s at these times, when celebrating the birth or baptism of a child, or a significant anniversary, or the marriage of a loving couple, or the life of a loved one who’s died, that we often want to turn to the church. We want to acknowledge God for his blessing, to give thanks and praise, and receive his comfort and peace. At these times in particular God can speak into our lives, giving special significance, meaning, hope and insight into our life-stories.

If you live in Partington or Carrington, this is your parish church and thus you are entitled to bring a baby or child for baptism, be married, renew wedding vows, hold a funeral service for a loved one who has died, have a burial of ashes and stone inscription after any funeral in our Garden of Remembrance, or many more pastoral services. There’s no qualification of being baptised yourself, being even an irregular churchgoer, being married etc. Basically if you live in Partington or Carrington and want to seek God’s blessing at a poignant time of your life, St. Mary’s Church is here for you now as it has been for generations. Do get in touch and discover you are already part of the parish family!

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