Donating to St. Mary's

It costs approximately £1,000 a week to run St. Mary’s Church, covering the cost of our diverse ministries to the parish and maintaining our historic buildings. This is wholly funded by the regular weekly giving of the congregation alongside charitable donations made by individuals and other local churches and fees for some pastoral services.

St. Mary’s Church is growing its ministry in the parish as we increasingly work with and support families and children, run outreach into local schools, pastorally care for many isolated through age, ill health or bereavement, support a number of community activities and resource our worship, prayer and discipleship as a church family.

One of our greatest challenges is to become financially secure as a church for the future; whilst looking to invest in these growing areas of ministry, train and equip the congregation for this work, and also bless and support others through our own charitable giving to a number of local and international organisations.

If you feel able to help St. Mary’s Church financially you can easily donate on-line here:

Thank you for your support.

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