Banns of Marriage

If you plan to be married at St. Mary’s Church your banns will be read in services prior to your wedding day as part of the arrangements for your wedding and no additional paperwork is required.

However, if you and/or your partner are resident in Partington or Carrington and intend to be married at a church in another parish, you must have your ‘banns of marriage’ read at St. Mary’s Church in 3 Sunday services before your wedding. After the banns have been read, assuming no objections have been raised, the Vicar will issue a ‘banns certificate’ which must be presented to the minister conducting your wedding before your service. This is a legal preliminary to your wedding and without it you cannot be married in a church in England or Wales.

To arrange for your banns to be read please contact Rev. Andrew in good time, preferably 2 to 3 months before your wedding, such that the banns can be organised and read in good time. There is a statutory fee for reading the banns and issuing a certificate which is currently £43. To enquire about having your banns read at St. Mary’s church contact Rev. Andrew on 0161 775 3542 or via our contact form.

Reading the banns and praying for wedding couples is a delight and we warmly welcome couples to our Sunday services to hear their banns read.

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