Welcome to 
your church
in Partington
and Carrington
Sunday Service 10.30am

However you’ve found us, and for whatever reason you’re here - we are pleased to welcome you and we pray you will feel at home!

You can find out all about the life of the church family by exploring this website.

Welcome to St Mary’s Church

St Mary's is the meeting point for our growing and lively church family where you will be made very welcome. The church is a family made up of all sorts of people, each with their own stories to tell and gifts to share. Some of us have belonged to the church for years, some have just started a journey of faith, others are visitors or are just passing through. Yet all are welcome - as together we gather to worship God through his Son Jesus Christ, grow together in our faith through God’s word and Spirit, and as we share God’s love in serving our community.

Here for you

For more than a century St Mary’s Church has been at the centre of family and community occasions for generations, be they moments of joy and celebration, or poignant moments of remembrance and grieving. It’s at these times, when celebrating the birth or baptism of a child, or a significant anniversary, or the marriage of a loving couple, or the life of a loved one who’s died, that we often want to turn to the church. We want to acknowledge God for his blessing, to give thanks and praise, and receive his comfort and peace. At these times in particular God can speak into our lives, giving special significance, meaning, hope and insight into our life-stories.

Church and Community

The church is community of Christians integrated with and serving our local neighbourhood. Church members are involved in all manner of roles, groups, charities and activities in our parish of Partington & Carrington. For example we have strong links with our local primary and secondary schools, other local churches, South Trafford Foodbank, youth groups and local community groups. The church buildings themselves are also a key centre of the community where local groups meet for many different social activities, neighbourhood meetings and charity work. Daily people also visit the tranquil and well-kept churchyard to remember loved ones or to take a moment to enjoy the peace and space.

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