Tree Notice

St. Mary's Partington is working to improve the long-term maintenance of the grounds and the appearance and safety of the church buildings for future generations by selective felling of some trees that have over grown giving space for the remaining trees to flourish, and planting new specimen trees in their place.  We are obliged to give 28 days public notice of the planned works which are:

"The felling of 3 out of a line of 6 closely planted yew trees in the south side of the churchyard (numbers 2, 4 and 6 west to east as the church is viewed from Manchester Road) and the reduction in size of the remaining yew trees.  The felling of a beech tree to the west of the church building, encouraging the growth of the replacement specimen oak tree on the adjacent edge of the churchyard"

Details of the works planed, the justification for the works and history of the buildings and grounds are given in the following documents.

Statement of Significance on St. Mary's Church

Statement of Need for the proposed works

Public Notice (23rd August 2021) with details about where comments and objections may be raised.