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What to expect at our Sunday Services at 10.30am

Every Sunday, St Mary’s Church Family gathers together for worship that equips and motivates us for daily life in our homes, in our neighbourhood and in our workplaces.

While services might differ slightly at different times of year, we always seek:

  • to praise God together, in word and song, for his goodness and greatness
  • to pray to God together for his world, his church and for ourselves
  • to encourage, and be encouraged by one another
  • to serve, and be served by, one another
  • to remember the death of Jesus Christ on the cross at regular Holy Communion services
  • to hear the Bible read and then taught, to equip us for the week ahead.

All welcome...
Week by week, we are pleased to welcome visitors and newcomers
to St Mary’s and regard it as a great privilege.

People have many reasons for wanting to come to church. Some have clear Christian beliefs. Others are not really sure what they believe, but are curious to know more about Christ and His relevance to life today. Others get dragged along by family or friends or are not even sure why they came at all! Whatever the reason, you are most welcome.

We always welcome parents with children to Sunday morning services. Children are never to young too come to church.  Our children are encouraged to join in our worship as part of the church family. There are also little tables and chairs with activities for the under-fives if families would find this helpful during the service. The first Sunday of the month is an all-age family service, and on other Sundays boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 11 are encouraged to go out to their own engaging children's groups in the St George's Room for part of the service.

Service Style
There is a relaxed formality to our services in the context of prayer and worship. The words of the whole service (words and hymns) are projected on to a screen at the front via PowerPoint, rather than juggle lots of books.

The Bible
The Bible is central to all that we do - which is why teaching it faithfully has been a feature for many years. The preacher unpacks Bible passages so we can grasp their meaning for the original hearers and also be equipped to live as God's people in today's world.

Main services last around an hour to an hour and a quarter depending on the service style.

Tea or Coffee and biscuits are available in St George’s Room after Sunday morning services, giving the chance to meet with the church family more informally.

We sing a varied selection of hymns at services ranging from traditional to contemporary.